Model LCS120C

MULTI: 1 Transmitter/2 Receivers


This set is wonderful for couples who want to listen to the television at different volumes. With three distinct transmission frequencies, this is also a great starter pack for small to mid-size groups, with the addition of the ADD 5 Set. Self-contained in a portable case, benefit from clear wireless sound amplification with no ambient noise distraction wherever you are. See our Accessories Page for additional customization options.

Wireless audio, TV and Music, easier listening

ADA compliant and FCC approved.

3 Year Warranty

Complete System: $239.95

1 Transmitter

2 Receivers


3 Belt Clips

1 Clip-on Microphone

1 3.5 Standard Cable Jack

2 Loud and Clear Ergonomic Earbuds


6 AA Rechargeable Batteries

3 USB Charging Cables

2 Dual Port Recharging Cubes


1 Zippered vinyl EVA case

Owner’s Manual

Specification Sheet


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