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About Us

Sonic Technology has been a family and employee owned company since its inception in the hills of Northern California in 1981. Located in the twin cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City, we serve customers around the globe. We at Sonic pride ourselves on our quality products and peerless customer service. We hope you enjoy the product you choose. If you run into any problems, please contact us; we are always happy to help.
Over the course of the company, we have brought to market a wide array of products, from the initial rodent repelling devices whose successors still line our shelves today, to new and exciting products like the spAIRtray™ airline tray table. Our SuperEar© line has helped elders listen for over three decades, and we recently expanded it to feature our wireless transmitter receiver product, the LoudandClear™. We are dedicated to helping you enjoy your home, with the safety ensuring ElectroSensor™ Gauss meter, the handy BugBuster™, and the tried and true RodentRepeller. We do it all, and each of our products has our guarantee of quality.

We at Sonic would like to thank our founder, Lowell Robertson, (1942-2017) for his innovative spirit, and remarkable presence; we endeavor to uphold the commitment to quality that he championed.
Photo by Barry Morris
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