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Founded in 1981, Sonic Technology turned its dedication to quality towards the distinct need for economically priced and easy to operate personal sound amplifiers, and by 1986, the SuperEar® was born. Over the decades, the SuperEar® has become a beloved and trusted product by people around the globe.


As a Personal Sound Amplifier that balanced quality and value, the Original SuperEar® SE4000 grew in popularity. In response to customer feedback and our commitment to produce a high-quality affordable device, we expanded our SuperEar® line with the upgraded SuperEar®Plus SE7500, and re-engineered the highly popular original model SE4000 to introduce it as the slimmed down, but just as powerful SuperEar® SE5000. Soon after, we developed the frequency selectable SuperEar® Rechargeable SE9000, and the SuperEar® LoudandClear LCS110 transmitter and receiver unit.

SuperEar for home
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2019 SuperEar Array

I bought this for my mother. We've taken it to restaurants and put it in the middle of the table. It's a wonderful thing. Can't wait for her to try it with the whole family on Christmas. We've recommended it to many people. She prefers the ear buds (doesn't want to muss her hair).

        - Jacquelyn

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