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BugBuster™ BB100

The original BugBuster™ No-Harm Spider and Bug Vacuum is an insect vacuum that sucks up bugs, insects, spiders, flies, stinging insects, bees and more from ceilings, walls, empty bathtubs... almost anywhere.


Use our gentle, no-harm product to relocate insects outside the home to your yard or garden, where they can work to help you. The BugBuster™ is excellent for trapping and removing unwanted guests, and you no longer have to clean up remains squashed onto surfaces in your home.


Operating on a single battery, this slim device is simple to use and easy to store. Simply wait for the insect to settle, then press the button to start the motor while carefully approaching the bug.  When close enough, hold the open end over the insect to gently and humanely suck it into the catch tube. Once you have caught the insect, turn the BugBuster™ upright and replace the safety cap to prevent escape for safe observation and release at arm’s length.

BugBuster™: BB100 $16.95



BugBuster™ unit

Tips and Tricks sheet

Owner’s Manual

Specification Sheet

1 Year Warranty

30-day money-back guarantee


Operates on one DURACELL or ENERGIZER 9 volt battery (not included)

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