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Spare Tray travel accessory
  • 33% more space for window seat air passengers

  • Easy to install and remove; fits most commercial airline window shade tracks

  • Seamless use with seat-back tray for reading or laptop

  • Two multipurpose holes perfect for holding your glasses

  • Folds into convenient cloth travel bag to easily slip into your briefcase, laptop case, purse, or carry-on

  • With a durable construction and virtually no moving parts; this product will be your go-to travel accessory for years to come

spAIR Tray airline tray
I've never been a fan of the window seat, but this has changed that.
This thing is great. Having my phone/drink available at the side makes a coach seat feel so much more spacious when the laptop takes up the whole seat-back tray.
    ~ N. Orlando 

This revolutionary product will instantly upgrade your flying experience!


Airplanes aren’t known for being spacious, but with the spAIRtray™, you get an extra shelf. Once you use it, you won't want to travel without it.


The spAIRtray™ helps your seat in the sky feel less confined.  There is no longer a need to precariously place your belongings on the seat-back tray.


It's a must-have for frequent flyers. The seamless setup of the spAIRtray™ will give you an expanded workroom to use multiple devices, and avoid testing just how water resistant your electronics really are when your drink arrives. The non-slip pad saves your devices from dreaded cracked screens during unexpected turbulence and makes it a perfect place to store your drinks where you can be certain that the child bouncing around on the seat in front of you won’t unintentionally spill it all over.


It folds to less than an inch thick and stores easily.  It makes great use of otherwise wasted space. The spAIRtray™ allows you to free up more legroom, rummage through your bag, or make a trip to the bathroom without juggling your drink.


Who knows the last time the airline tray tables were cleaned, or what they have seen? You can always keep your spAIRtray™ clean. It is hand washable and you know exactly where it has been.


You can balance a tripod on the spAIRtray™ for some Instagrammable photos, or just drink and enjoy the view without having the seat-back tray down. This unique accessory will be the envy of friends and other passengers, and make snagging the window seat all that much more enjoyable. Who wants an aisle seat when you have a spAIRtray™ and a view?


This high-quality travel essential is perfect for the frequent flyer in your life, for the person who has everything, or to treat yourself the next time that you take a trip.

spAIR Tray airline chart
If you have questions regarding use of the spAIRtray® on a specific airline, we encourage you to reach out to the airline in question prior to your flight. 


Shelf respect:  spAIRtray™ is washable in warm soapy water.  Machine washing is not recommended, especially for the non-slip pad.

​Shelf aware:   Please do not use your spAIRtray™ during taxi, take-off, and landing, or while seated in an exit aisle.

Shelf improvement:  Please let us know what you think, we're always working on ways to make our shelf better.


spAIRtray™ window shelf

Cloth travel bag

30-day money back guarantee

Specifications Sheet

spAIR Tray International

International Customer?
Customers in other countries should expect additional shipping costs:
Please contact us via We work to find the most cost-effective shipping for our customers; you will receive an email regarding the exact shipping costs for your product. Shipping will be billed via PayPal. Sonic has no control over, nor influence on, the duties and taxes of respective countries; any additional incurred charges for receipt and delivery are under the purview of the respective nation. 

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