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Sonic Technology Wholesale Commitment


Since 1981, when Sonic Technology was founded, the company has succeeded with the assistance of its wholesale and distributor partners.  And they, in turn, have prospered in part due to the quality products and programs offered by Sonic Technology.  Sonic understands and values the importance of our partners and works closely with them to achieve the best possible results for all parties.


Benefits to our customers include a superior service environment, where our wholesale, retail and distributor partners enjoy personal customer service, an extremely low product return rate and a liberal return and refund program.  


Our branded products have received exceptional quality ratings from customers and re-sellers alike.  The SE4000 SuperEar® Personal Sound Amplifier, for example, was selected for its simplicity and crystal-clear sound and featured in MDS 3.0 training by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Our line of Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers have been praised for their efficacy and sold around the world.


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