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Dynamic Low-Profile Model SE7500

The sleekly designed SuperEar® Plus Model 7500 is perfect for watching television or getting the most from theater, meetings, lectures, worship services, or simple conversations. The newly redesigned microphone and carrying case help eliminate annoying carry noise. The unobtrusive earbuds are easily camouflaged in public, while the comfortable stereo headphones are great for home use. The SuperEar®Plus is laboratory tested to the highest standards to increase ambient sound gain 50+ decibels and pick up sounds up to 100 yards away. Automatic shut off allows you to extend the 80 hour battery life of our longest lasting model.

SE7500 Included.png



  • SE7500 amplifier with 45 minute auto shut-off

  • Multi-element, high sensitivity microphone.

  • Volume Control Wheel

  • SuperEar Plus Discreet Earbuds

  • SuperEar Stereo Deluxe Headphones

  • 2 AAA Batteries

  • Patent leather clip on pouch

  • 3 year warranty

  • Owner's Manual

  • Specification Sheet

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Sonic Technology Inc. is the sole authorized Amazon retailer for SuperEar® product warranty and quality.

SE7500 ALD

This set delivers! I am once again able to watch TV with sound. The set comes with both ear phones and ear buds. The ear buds are fairly discrete so I feel comfortable wearing them when I go to places . . . where conversation is essential. And I just found out that the ear phones work on my new computer speakers. And all of this for under $100! The power supply is small and powerful. It also turns itself off after a time so if you fall asleep while using it the batteries are saved. If you want to turn it back on you just press the button.

I highly recommend this product.

           - Capri

Video of the SuperEar® model SE75000 

by the CHS

- This video is sign language only; no audio

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