Product List

SuperEar Line

SE5000  - Original SuperEar®

SE7500  - Deluxe SuperEar®Plus

SE9000HP  - Rechargeable SuperEar®

SE-HP   - Over-the-head Headphones

EPC100  - 50 pair Disposable Hygienic earpad covers

EFP200   - 10 pair replacement foam earpad covers

LC300   - EVA travel case

LCS110   -  Basic LoudandClear™

LCS120    -  Multi LoudandClear™

LCTG10C  - Premium LoudandClear™

LCTGA5    - Add 5 LoudandClear™ Receivers

LCT100    - Single LoudandClear™ Transmitter

LCR100    - Single LoudandClear™ Receiver

LCMIC    -  LoudandClear™ Microphone

LCEB   -  Ergonomic over-the-ear Earbuds

LCTIP20   -  20 Ear-tip replacements

2 port USB   -  2 port USB charging cube

5 port USB   -   5 port USB charging cube

Pest Control and Home Safety

RR3000   -  3 pack of Rodent Repellers

RR3SPK   -  Single 3 Speaker Rodent Repeller

BB100   -  BugBuster™ Humane Insect Vacuum

ES9000   -   ElectroSensor™ EMF meter

Flight Accessory

ST11000  -  spAIRtray™ Personal airline window tray

Discontinued Products:

Born from the dream of an inventive and observant mind in the early 1980’s, Sonic Technology has grown into a respected company with customers across the globe. We at Sonic would like to thank our founder, Lowell Robertson, (1942-2017) for his innovative spirit, and remarkable presence; we endeavor to uphold his commitment to quality in both products and service that he championed.
Over the course of our history we have brought many successful products to market, the most notable models we have retired are: the SuperEar® SE4000, AudioTech Probe
, ToneMaster®, Syphoon, Webspinner, GutterRake, ToothMasseuse, Water-Me Frog, SoundBarrier and TheSwitch.

We would like to sincerely thank our decades of customers for their patronage. If you have one of our products and need assistance or warranty coverage, please contact us.     1-800-247-5548   Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm PST

SuperEar® SE4000
After 23 years on the market, we retired this hardworking member of the SuperEar® line, and introduced its slimmed down but just as powerful successors the SE5000, SE7500, and the SE9000HP. If you are looking for an SE4000 windsock, please contact us.     1-800-247-5548   Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm PST

PestChaser® Line
After years of success, the PestChaser® line was sold to Woodstream. Once the non-compete period concluded, we engineered the Rodent Repeller, and tested it to the same vigorous standards.

Our current models are the RR3000 and the RR3SPK

Electronic Muscle Stimulation
Despite years of successful sales, we have retired all our ToneMaster® and ElectroMassage products.

Our TME16 pads are on a going out of stock sale on Amazon, Amazon Canada, or Amazon UK

Sonic Technology Global Sales

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