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ElectroSensor Battery EMF Detector

Concerned about EMF hot-spots?


Sonic Technology’s ElectroSensor™ is a simple, accurate and affordable hand-held Gauss meter, which measures Electro Magnetic Fields with the push of a button. The ElectroSensor™ is efficient, highly portable, and you can read the bright 1.5 to 30 milliGauss LED display in the darkest of rooms. It comes ready to use out of the package with a single standard AAA battery; simply press the button on the side to take a reading.


Is your safety at risk?

This EMF detector is an unparalleled value that offers fast, reliable, and user-friendly measurements of electromagnetic pollution. Since man-made alternating current (AC) is different from naturally occurring EMF, some sources say that even extended exposure of as low as 2 milliGauss may be harmful. Concerns about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or (EHS) are on the rise. Fortunately, once EMF sources are identified with your ElectroSensor™ you can moderate your distance and exposure.


The ElectroSensor™ samples the Electromagnetic field (EMF) from 50 - 60 Hz power, which most home and business appliances emit. The pick-up coil located in the tip of the unit can be rotated for increased directionality to pinpoint and measure EMF pollution. Get an accurate reading of emitted EMFs within seconds with the ElectroSensor™ for electrical equipment. Gauge potentially hazardous EMF sources to ensure your awareness of safety risks so that you can make an informed decision about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).


Just like paranormal investigators, use the ElectroSensor™ to measure changes in electromagnetic fields to detect the distinctly fluctuating energy frequently found at alleged haunted locations. The completely silent device makes it perfect for use while recording potential EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).


Please note: This product is designed to measure electromagnetic fields (EMF), not nuclear radiation.

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ElectroSensor™ EMF Detector

AAA battery

Owner’s Manual

1 year warranty

"I LOVE your product! It's so compact yet efficient. I like anything that will fit in my pocket while I'm on an investigation, the smaller the better. Your little machine is super-sensitive (and cute!) and a real plus is being able to use it in complete darkness, not having to worry about seeing a digital readout. I know I'll be using it for many investigations, and can't wait to share your information with my fellow investigators."

                       -M. G. American Paranormal Investigations

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