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Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

Environmentally Friendly No-Harm 

Swept Frequency Technology since 1981

Innovative Technology Non-Toxic Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers

Go Green! All the Innovative Technology Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers are specifically designed to humanely repel most common indoor rodents.

Help protect against the Hantavirus. Keep rodents away from your living space. The Hantavirus has recently reappeared on the west coast. Now is the time to prevent rodents from entering your living space before winter.


Our mission since our first Ultrasonic Pestchaser® in 1981 has been to produce humane and non-toxic forms of pest control. Following the sale of the Pestchaser® line several years later, we created the Innovative Technology Rodent Repeller using the same rigorously testing for a quality product at an affordable price.

  • Direct plug in design

  • Powerful swept variable frequency ultrasound output

  • Will not harm humans or non-rodent pets

  • Used in millions of homes and businesses

  • Completely non-toxic

  • No need to handle rodent remains

  • 90 day money back guarantee

  • Three year warranty

ultrasonic commercial repeller
save 3 pack rodent repeller

You can confidently use this device around non-rodent pets and children, without risking their safety, or your own. The powerful decibel (dB) sound output uses an ultrasonic swept frequency signal that fluctuates between 32 and 64 kHz to repel rodents. Though rodents cannot adapt to these continually changing noises, the average person cannot hear them. These units take several weeks to reach peak effectiveness, but will continue protecting your home or business for years to come.


Registered by Health Canada PCP Act Registration No. 29215 this model represents the most advanced ultrasonic repeller for rats and mice on the market today.


Commercial applications: Food Processing Facilities, Restaurants, Hospitals, Farms, Commercial Buildings and more.


For more details on ultrasonic rodent repellers, bats, insects, correct placement and other frequently asked questions about the ultrasound and rodent control, visit: Rodent Facts & Frequently Asked Questions Page

Have you Identified a Rodent Problem?
Do you want to use ultrasound to keep it from becoming an infestation?
Act diligently, and take these steps:

1.    Ensure all foods are stored in airtight containers to prevent unintentionally advertising the contents of your pantry.

2.    Seal suspected points of entry in pipes, closets, crawlspaces, etc. Holes as small as 1/8th of an inch can allow a mouse access to your home.

3.    Plug the Rodent Repeller units into a standard 110-volt AC outlet. Make sure not to block the unit with curtains or furniture; the most effective placement is in an open area where the sound waves can bounce off of hard surfaces like walls, tile, and wood panels.

4.  Initially, humane traps may be required to eradicate the existing infestation of the overwhelmed and disoriented rodents.

5.    The increase in captured rodents shows you that the units are working, and the rodents are on their way out. This process can take between 2-4 weeks, so we encourage you to leave the units plugged in for at least a full month.

6. Now that your space is rodent-free, well-placed Rodent Repellers can protect your home from the inside against reinfestation.


For more information on the use of ultrasound in restaurants, food processing facilities, hospitals, warehouses, and other commercial buildings, please visit our Information Page

If you have any questions, or would like the 90-day money back guarantee, contact us

Sonic rodent repeller
rodent repeller triple speaker

Protect your home with the latest humane rodent-repelling technology

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Our Products

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Our basic model, the single speaker rodent repeller is a direct plug in-unit that is designed for normal household use.  Attractively designed, the RR1000 is suitable for protecting any room up to 800 sq. ft (about the size of a two-car garage).  Because most homes require protection in more than one room, we offer this unit packaged in a 3-pack as the RR3000. This is a pack of three single speaker rodent repellers offered at a discounted price.  With the RRS3000, you can protect your kitchen, dining room, garage or any other three areas you choose.

Allowed my cat to retire & relax; no mice to chase. Good Job!

- Claudette


We also offer our Triple Speaker Commercial model, the RR3SPK, intended for use where maximum coverage is desired.  The RR3SPK is also a direct plug-in unit and features three speakers, one facing toward the center of the room and the other two broadcasting along the wall on either side.  This 180 degree sound dispersion pattern allows better coverage along walls, where rodents like to travel and, when located next to doors, will provide more effective coverage of those entry points.   

triple speaker repeller
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