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The  LoudandClear™ wireless listening FM system is Sonic Technology's newest ADA and FCC compliant SuperEar® product designed for group use. This product is ideal for senior recreation centers, concert and theater venues, museums, auditoriums tour guides, docents, teachers, libraries, and much more.

Wireless TV listening system for multiple people at individual volumes

We offer three pre-configured FM systems that are complete, warrantied, and require no installation. They are ready to go out of the box: Basic LCS110, Multi LCS120C, and Premium LCTG10C. For ease of customization and expansion, we also offer an Add Five Set LCTG5A. Use the comparison chart to determine which of our configurations is the best for you, or customize your own.


Concerned about sanitary multi-person use?

We offer replacement earbud tips, and disposable headphone covers. Look at our Accessories Page for further customization options.


Interested in our product, and want to see how it works for you? Competitive pricing and trial samples of the system are available for testing; no obligations: Contact us today! 1-800-247-5548 or email:

SuperEar Loud and Clear Tour Set

The LoudandClear™ system is invaluable to anyone who needs to engage an entire audience, from retirees to toddlers. This product is a lightweight auditory enhancement system that enables clear wireless communication with no ambient sound distraction for a reasonable price.


The LoudandClear™ FM system provides increased opportunities to accommodate visitors up to 150 feet away who may need a little help listening to you. Our rechargeable systems are customizable to your group size.There is no longer a need to shout or answer repeat questions. Outdoors, the wind won’t have a chance to whip your voice away as you talk to a group outside, and people in the back of large crowds will be able to hear you just as clear as if they had a coveted spot up at the front.

Each transmitter can broadcast on one of three unique pre-set FM frequencies to allow multiple tours at the same time with no crossover. Simply plug the transmitter into a sound source and give each individual the ability to listen at the volume that suits them best while allowing others to enjoy museums, galleries, and scenery in peace. Set up multiple transmitters to offer visitors the opportunity to receive information in different languages.

Not currently compatible with Digital Audio Output Television Systems

Wireless tour group listening system
SuperEar Loud and Clear Listening System
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